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25 April 2014 @ 12:52 am
Affinity Sims Homestead Challenge  
This is my first Challenge...rules are

No money cheats allowed.
No 'maxmotives'! Any other cheats are OK

*In order to level the challenge...Here is a guideline for the money each family is allowed to begin with:
One Sim: 25,000
Two Sims: 30,000
Three Sims: 35,000
More than three: 40,000

* If you have already begun the challenge with more than this...Don't worry about it...nobody is keeping score!

No jobs away from the farm (all income must be generated from the farm and home crafts like pottery and painting or writing etc..)

Since time is of the essence, skill cheats are OK. (these Sims would have learned skills like this in their childhood anyway)
You cannot change the season you begin in.
Depending on the season when you begin...you must work quickly to build a shelter as you establish your farm...obviously, if you begin in winter this is first priority!

The first generation will use tents to sleep in unless or if you have enough money and:

Need shelter for Toddlers or your Sim is wanting an Infant
If you begin in winter use your simoleans to build a small shelter with a fireplace for warmth
...otherwise use the bonfire outside.

You must start with two families from the bin.

(unless you have a weirdly set up game with no Sims in the bin.)

Either place them on adjacent empty lots of any size and play them alternately or on one huge lot with two homesteads for a more seamless play. Remember that larger lots cost more, but will generate more income if you have room for more livestock!
You may build a small building for a bathroom and another small building for livestock. (One for each family if sharing one lot)...no indoor privy!

Plant a garden and fruit trees right away (check the season you are in)

You will need to live off of what you harvest yourself
You may build a greenhouse only if it's winter and you have enough money left. (Although this is not historical/period accurate).

*I highly suggest using Beck's wonderful livestock, butter churn, yarn ball, washtub, and whatever else I am forgetting...to generate some income and food.)

The only Maxis Hobbies items you can use to generate income, at this point, are the sewing machine, pottery wheel, and easel.(No machinery)

If you want to make a living as a writer, you must have the mod that allows to hand-write a book...no machines!
CC and mods for skill are OK as long as they are not modern machinery.
Suggested and appropriate bookcases are: Maxis' CinderBooks by Retratech for 200 simoleans (Base Game) or Ye Olde Codex found here for 10 simoleans (Free Time)

Appliances allowed are a stove and fridge.

Use any CC that makes your homestead and Sims look authentic if you want to.
You must have a smoke alarm, some suggestions are Base Game here, here, here and here.There is a very cheap smoke alarm that is disguised as Antlers here.
You may use up the items inside the fridge...(this will help while you wait for that first harvest) but you may not refill the fridge with store bought items after it is empty.

Generation one has no TV or computer or phone.( If you need info, you can read the paper, and you must travel into town to use a phone.)

This generation does not own automobiles yet.

The object of this first phase of the challenge is to stay alive...keep livestock alive, keep the social worker away, and have the two families integrate whether in this generation or the next...depending on who you choose from the bin...I chose the Travellers and Gavigans because they both had one child a boy and a girl. I placed them on separate adjacent lots for more of a challenge.