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11 September 2016 @ 03:44 am
The Shadowy Hills Secrets  
Part 2
I guess I should go back and tell you a little bit about us..

Looking towards the future..trying to forget the past..can it be done?

We came from another world and another galaxy..Salsola..a world somewhat like this planet..with trees much different that these, large and small mountains, lakes, creeks, ponds, and rivers much like these on Shadowy Hills..the animals are very different..on Salsola they are much bigger.. Ankole longhorns- the horns can weigh 100 pounds each and reach 8 feet from tip to tip, The Saiga Antelope-is an antelope with a strange nose that looks more like a long pig snout, Gharials-20 foot long lizards weigh in at 350 pounds and long, thin jaws dominate all major river systems, Water Deer- or called “Vampire Deer” for their prominent tusks instead of Antlers which are used in territorial battles. There are just a few of the animals that are on Salsola.

Our planet also was very rich in minerals, trees, fishing..

The Galaxy is called Andromeda Galaxy, a spiral galaxy about 2.5 million light years from here..

Ailen and I were prominent and wealthy..being born in that rich environment had it's advantages..Our father's were in mining very large Crystals..and my husband took over his father's and my father's mines after they had mysteriously died..Nobody questioned it for many years..strange things started happening..cave-ins, workers disappearing, or found dead.. sabotage..something was going on and I knew it was time to leave..

We had friends and had asked them to come with us..they were terrified that we would even consider leaving..We told them that we didn't have a choice..they chose to stay..I felt scared and alone..but I had my husband and I knew I would be ok..

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