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11 September 2016 @ 03:28 am
The Shadowy Hills Secrets  
Part 3

Spring has long gone and Summer is in full bloom..We have started a greenhouse and have started our first crop planting.

As we were designing the greenhouse we decided to add a bit of our home world on it..

Since our father's were into Crystal's we added a type of Crystal on the corners of the greenhouse..that was our hardest part of putting this greenhouse together..

Glass was hard to come by on this planet..making it and getting it ready for windows and greenhouse took a very long time..

We also planted an orchard: Apples, Oranges, & Lemons; and dug by hand a pond for gathering fish for the Winter..

Ailen built a windmill and waterwheel to bring water to the house so we didn't have to carry buckets all that way..

The pond isn't quite done but we are working on it..

We also went out and found a bunch of small starter trees..they will look good on the back side of the property when they are full grown..

Our next project is making a barn and a bigger Chicken coop..so we can raise more chickens and all I do is watch the wild horses..I want a few of them so bad..Ailen said he would do something about that..

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