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15 June 2016 @ 11:48 pm
Here is my first family..One of the Founders of Shadowy Hills

**First I want to thank all CC Creators..You are awesome..I use so many different creators that I just can't remember everyone..so sorry..

The Talser Family:
First Homesteaders to Shadowy Hills: Chalia & Ailen Talser

New Beginnings:

Meet the Talser family..Part 1

Hi my name is Chalia Talser and I will be telling you our story..

My husband Ailen and I moved from a far away planet..in another galaxy..I am not sure I am ready to tell you the name of the Planet or Galaxy yet..having to move in the dead of night hiding and afraid we moved to a new planet somewhat like our own. Our own planet was going through bitter times..with greedy and corrupt politicians, riots, theft and murder..it wasn't safe there anymore.

I wanted a family, I wanted a home..and I knew if we didn't leave now, those things were never going to happen..I was able to talk my husband into leaving as well..I hope this is the right place, the right dreams..

A few months later:

It took us a few months to get a roof over our heads..it was hard work doing it all by hand..we found a few things laying around in the woods that we were able to use..

This outside kitchen is my favorite part of the whole project: Ailen made every thing here with his own hands..it is good to know I have a husband that is handy with his hands and is proud of what he makes..I love this guy..

Inside is an open area for a bed, a couple of dressers Ailen made..I gathered up some hay and made a couch, seats for the table and a couple of end tables..not much but it works for us..Ailen also made a couple of Easels for painting and a very special gaming table out of tree trunks..Ailen also made our first ever indoor plumbing by finding a few items laying around in the woods..

Our home was simple but comfortable..for now that was all that mattered..

We also found some wild chickens, ducks & geese..Ailen made coops for them and now getting fresh eggs..

We also made a Food Cellar, wasn't sure how the winters were here and we needed to be prepared.

There was also wild horses around us..we needed a way of getting around and to be able to hall things that we found in the woods..so by taming them and training them to pull a wagon Ailen had made it would be so much easier.

We were so tired..and tired wasn't the right word..more, I'm not sure the right word we have never had to feel this way before..but it seemed right..for the first time in our lives we were free and can do whatever we wanted..or so I hoped.. we decided to take turns sleeping..it was the only way we knew we were safe for at least that night..

Our home was finally finished:

How long will it take us to feel completely safe? That was the last thing I remember before I woke up in the morning..

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29 January 2017 @ 02:44 am
Chapter 3

The Fight & Sorrow
Scorpia Fernvine wanted to help out his best friend since childhood..he hadn't even told Ailen Talser that they were even on this planet..

Scorpia had called the Centaurs and asked them if they would be willing to go and get rid of the Dragon..2 of the 4 said yes..Eros Mormo and Artemis Morus..chose to go..Krios Furies and Minotaur Hyem said no it was to dangerous doing this with very little help..they needed to wait for backup..it didn't happen..Scorpia, Eros and Artemis chose to do it themselves..they felt it was the best for everyone that lived here and the future of this planet..

Once there they confronted the Dragon..

There was also some horses there with armor..they didn't understand what this meant..they would soon find out..that the horses refused to do anything..they had a mind of their own and nobody was going to change that..

Magic who knew it would be dark magic.
Out of know where a sword like object came to them

Eros picked it up without thinking..then Artemis picked it up..something happened that was not for seen..

Scorpia was so upset over this that he decided to leave the gravestones there for a reminder and honor these men served..

When Scorpia got home he didn't even tell his wife what he had done..
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11 September 2016 @ 03:44 am
Part 2
I guess I should go back and tell you a little bit about us..

Looking towards the future..trying to forget the past..can it be done?

We came from another world and another galaxy..Salsola..a world somewhat like this planet..with trees much different that these, large and small mountains, lakes, creeks, ponds, and rivers much like these on Shadowy Hills..the animals are very different..on Salsola they are much bigger.. Ankole longhorns- the horns can weigh 100 pounds each and reach 8 feet from tip to tip, The Saiga Antelope-is an antelope with a strange nose that looks more like a long pig snout, Gharials-20 foot long lizards weigh in at 350 pounds and long, thin jaws dominate all major river systems, Water Deer- or called “Vampire Deer” for their prominent tusks instead of Antlers which are used in territorial battles. There are just a few of the animals that are on Salsola.

Our planet also was very rich in minerals, trees, fishing..

The Galaxy is called Andromeda Galaxy, a spiral galaxy about 2.5 million light years from here..

Ailen and I were prominent and wealthy..being born in that rich environment had it's advantages..Our father's were in mining very large Crystals..and my husband took over his father's and my father's mines after they had mysteriously died..Nobody questioned it for many years..strange things started happening..cave-ins, workers disappearing, or found dead.. sabotage..something was going on and I knew it was time to leave..

We had friends and had asked them to come with us..they were terrified that we would even consider leaving..We told them that we didn't have a choice..they chose to stay..I felt scared and alone..but I had my husband and I knew I would be ok..

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11 September 2016 @ 03:28 am
Part 3

Spring has long gone and Summer is in full bloom..We have started a greenhouse and have started our first crop planting.

As we were designing the greenhouse we decided to add a bit of our home world on it..

Since our father's were into Crystal's we added a type of Crystal on the corners of the greenhouse..that was our hardest part of putting this greenhouse together..

Glass was hard to come by on this planet..making it and getting it ready for windows and greenhouse took a very long time..

We also planted an orchard: Apples, Oranges, & Lemons; and dug by hand a pond for gathering fish for the Winter..

Ailen built a windmill and waterwheel to bring water to the house so we didn't have to carry buckets all that way..

The pond isn't quite done but we are working on it..

We also went out and found a bunch of small starter trees..they will look good on the back side of the property when they are full grown..

Our next project is making a barn and a bigger Chicken coop..so we can raise more chickens and all I do is watch the wild horses..I want a few of them so bad..Ailen said he would do something about that..

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29 March 2016 @ 12:36 am
I was able to play my Sims2 for the first time in almost a year..and have posted them over at my Dreamwidth..will sooner or later will be posting them on here as well..

I can't write a story and my pictures are not as good as I would like..


Also, am moving all my stuff over onto my Dreamwidth slowly, and sooner or later will be getting rid of the Website here is that link..

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I just have no time to play my Sims2 game anymore since I started my Website last June or July..it is time I started..miss playing..

So, I am moving everything from the Website to here and Dreamwidth..right now I have started moving to the Dreamwidth and have made a community page for anyone that Creates, has their own site, and does stories..just please read the rules..there isn't that many..I promise lol..

I hope to see you all there..and here..not sure if I will be making a community site here or not..will have to think about that..

hugs and smiles everyone..and have a great day :)
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25 April 2014 @ 12:52 am
This is my first Challenge...rules are

No money cheats allowed.
No 'maxmotives'! Any other cheats are OK

*In order to level the challenge...Here is a guideline for the money each family is allowed to begin with:
One Sim: 25,000
Two Sims: 30,000
Three Sims: 35,000
More than three: 40,000

* If you have already begun the challenge with more than this...Don't worry about it...nobody is keeping score!

No jobs away from the farm (all income must be generated from the farm and home crafts like pottery and painting or writing etc..)

Since time is of the essence, skill cheats are OK. (these Sims would have learned skills like this in their childhood anyway)
You cannot change the season you begin in.
Depending on the season when you begin...you must work quickly to build a shelter as you establish your farm...obviously, if you begin in winter this is first priority!

The first generation will use tents to sleep in unless or if you have enough money and:

Need shelter for Toddlers or your Sim is wanting an Infant
If you begin in winter use your simoleans to build a small shelter with a fireplace for warmth
...otherwise use the bonfire outside.

You must start with two families from the bin.

(unless you have a weirdly set up game with no Sims in the bin.)

Either place them on adjacent empty lots of any size and play them alternately or on one huge lot with two homesteads for a more seamless play. Remember that larger lots cost more, but will generate more income if you have room for more livestock!
You may build a small building for a bathroom and another small building for livestock. (One for each family if sharing one lot)...no indoor privy!

Plant a garden and fruit trees right away (check the season you are in)

You will need to live off of what you harvest yourself
You may build a greenhouse only if it's winter and you have enough money left. (Although this is not historical/period accurate).

*I highly suggest using Beck's wonderful livestock, butter churn, yarn ball, washtub, and whatever else I am forgetting...to generate some income and food.)

The only Maxis Hobbies items you can use to generate income, at this point, are the sewing machine, pottery wheel, and easel.(No machinery)

If you want to make a living as a writer, you must have the mod that allows to hand-write a book...no machines!
CC and mods for skill are OK as long as they are not modern machinery.
Suggested and appropriate bookcases are: Maxis' CinderBooks by Retratech for 200 simoleans (Base Game) or Ye Olde Codex found here for 10 simoleans (Free Time)

Appliances allowed are a stove and fridge.

Use any CC that makes your homestead and Sims look authentic if you want to.
You must have a smoke alarm, some suggestions are Base Game here, here, here and here.There is a very cheap smoke alarm that is disguised as Antlers here.
You may use up the items inside the fridge...(this will help while you wait for that first harvest) but you may not refill the fridge with store bought items after it is empty.

Generation one has no TV or computer or phone.( If you need info, you can read the paper, and you must travel into town to use a phone.)

This generation does not own automobiles yet.

The object of this first phase of the challenge is to stay alive...keep livestock alive, keep the social worker away, and have the two families integrate whether in this generation or the next...depending on who you choose from the bin...I chose the Travellers and Gavigans because they both had one child a boy and a girl. I placed them on separate adjacent lots for more of a challenge.
15 February 2014 @ 03:31 pm
My youngest grandson who is 9 mo old took his first step today...was soooo happy